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About the FAQ
We will try to expose and to answer the most frequent questions.
To what does that serve my site on allodoctor ?
  • It will allow you to inform your patients on your openings hours, your absences for holiday, vacations or other, your substitute's name, etc...
  • It will also allow your colleagues to find more information about you, or to a recruiting society to be able to contact you, etc...
  • You can publish your works, to write some articles, etc...
  • And then it is free...
  • My dr-fname-nom.html is already taken
    In fact, it is the principle of the first arrived, first served that is followed on allodoctor.com. In this case to try to modify, while adding the two letters of your country (ex dr-fname-name-lb.html), or your middle name, etc...
    Personnal website sample pages
    Download file and from your softamedcab program [Comm]-[Web]-[Web_Pages]-[File_Webpage]-[Open] add this sample page to your site. After that modify page information's according to your needs, [First-page_index, Curriculum_Vitae_page, Sample_page].
    I lost my home-page
    If your site remained emptiness for more of 3 months is that an user asked for the same (fname and name). In this case you will be warned by Email, if site still empty you lose the site. It is simple, if you don't use the site then why stop a colleague from making it.
    What does a forbid content ?
    If you respect the code of the deontology of your country, there is no problem. Note that your site must not contain something else that your professional information, medical and/or scientific data.
    I lost my password and/or Email
  • If you lose your password, please ask for another , and a new password be send to the Email associated wiyh your site.
  • If you lose your Email, in this case You lose your rights of editions. Except if one finds the means to verify that you are the proprietary truth of data published on the site in question.
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