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Allodoctor.com is part of the project softamed-online. And will serve for the management of the sites published by the users of SoftamedCab, as well as the scientific data, libraries of medicines-online and protocols-online submitted by the physicians softamedcab user's, until the one-patient-medical-file shared via internet. This platform will take place in several stage :

 1- Management of physicians personal sites (Curriculum-Vitae, Personal Information, Information intended to their clienteles, etc...), directly through SoftamedCab.

 2- Management of the libraries of medicines and protocols, These libraries will be constructed by the users and will serve the online-search through the software softamedcab and directly on allodoctor.com site.

 3- Sharing of the patient-electronic-medical-file between several physicians.

This site is based on the [ssarah] platform , an architecture conceived to interact with SoftaMedCab.
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